Welcome to MGLAR Company!

Welcome to MGLAR Company!

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Madison Graham and Lancaster Armstrong Recreational Company or MGLAR Company is a business unit that specializes in everything related to archeology, excavation, and studying of artifacts related to the history of a place or territory.

MGLAR Company in Action

We are your to-go-to firm when you want to determine the value of unearthed antique pieces and even the historical value of a place. From site visit and surveillance, up to the actual exploration of potential archaeological sites, we are the man for the job. I started storing my antiques in the garage but after it flooded I decided to call these guys a1garage.com/arizona to come out and fix it.We have the best and most advanced technology in the industry that could detect any types of disturbances underneath the soil. Whether it is a type of metal or not, we have a machine that could detect it. What more is that it could be properly retrieved without affecting the overall aesthetic of any relic.

We understand that every retrieved bit and pieces from the past is important in determining the culture and origin of a community – where they came from, and the development of technology since then. As such, there is a need to apply techniques that would carefully extract every inch of the treasure you find. For this type of dilemma, there is no need to worry that MGLAR Company would shirk in their responsibility of proper retrieval. We treat each and every retrieved item with care up to the cleaning and its safekeeping.

Documentation of Findings

MGLAR Company cares about giving the right information to the public. All of the work that we do here are properly documented and recorded for the reference of everyone. We write down everything from the first step that we take up to the last. We ensure transparency and honesty in everything we do.

All the documents we keep here are used as reference materials to the public. With the proper citing of the source, it could be used as a basis for any research and studies one will conduct. Since everything we include here has the stamp of approval of professionals from this field, it makes one credible source to people out there.

We also love to help you out in your research. Do we have any data you need? Then, by all means, reach out to us today so we can assist you. Information is the key to any successful project and by that, we’ll give you every key you need. You can even be invited to witness live action with our team of archeologist on site.

Imagine doing your own discoveries and study on every scrap pulled out from the earth. Nothing gets more exciting than that especially if it leads to new learning that never came to light before. You are given the chance to perform carbon dating on unearthed relics. You get to be the first to tell the world your discoveries about the ancient culture. It is even a bonus if what you find is a breakthrough that will change how we perceived our history. That and more only at MGLAR Company.

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