Going Strong at 5

Posted: 12/12/17 12:31:01

We are on our 5th Year Anniversary!

Madison Graham and Lancaster Armstrong Recreational Company is celebrating their 5th year in January. As a part of our celebration, we are launching our first ever exhibit in Albuquerque, NM. We want you to be part of it! Watch out for our announcement regarding the date, and the venue of the event. The program will follow soon.

What to expect?

Be the first to see the artifacts we have gathered throughout the years. Check out historical discoveries we have unearthed and been amazed on the scenes of the past which could be traced from the bit and pieces of historical evidence we have collected. What more is that you could also meet and greet the archeologists who made this happen.

As part of the 3-day program, we’ll also be launching a seminar-workshop for those who wanted to know more about archeology. We have invited both local and international speakers to take part in the said event. Play the archeologist for a day and see the wonders of unearthing the history of a territory. Enjoy also all the contests and games we have in store for you.

Want to be a part of us as an intern? You can sign up too during the event. We give an opportunity to everyone with the passion in archeology. Have the chance to assist in finding the missing pieces of the past only with MGLAR Company.

Registration will be for 25$ only. It will give you a free pass on the 3-day event. Explore all you want and enrich your knowledge while having fun. That is our promise to you. For tickets, you can order today via email at You can also engage in live chat with our customer service representatives.

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