Madison Graham and Lancaster Armstrong Recreational Company is lookIng for highly competitive individuals to be a part of its growing team. Can you take the heat? Then check out available job posting below to apply.

1. Assistant Researcher

Description: Assist in data and information gathering. Meets the requirements of the lead researchers. Assist in experimentation projects, and application of scientific method into the process. Interprets results and helps in creating the final output for the said project.

Requirements: Must be highly analytical. Previous job experience is not required but an advantage. Has keen attention to details and should have the initiative to perform work in a high quality manner. The assistant researcher should be able to work as an individual and as a part of the group. Must be a team player and should be able to maximize the resources available.

2. Admin Assistant

Description: Manages the office day to day task. Coordinates and organizes itineraries related to the job. In-charge in the safekeeping and auditing of all company properties. Provides technical, and clerical support in any office activities. Must be proactive in maintaining organization in the company, and should be able to recognize problems and create appropriate solution.

Requirements: Must have at least 1 year experience in the same field. Highly organized. Ability to work longer period of hours whenever necessary. Must have keen attention to details and should be proficient in using Microsoft office. Should be competitive and a team player in this environment.

Interested in applying with us? Then email us your resume today together with a valid id and a cover letter stating your intent. We’d love to have you as part of our team. Join the fastest growing archeological company in the whole Milwaukee.

Questions about our job posting? Coordinate directly with our HR Representatives today.

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