Madison Graham and Lancaster Armstrong Recreational Company or MGLAR Company is a firm that specializes in archaeological excavations. Founded in 2011 by Madison Graham and Lancaster Armstrong, this company since then has been recognized to be one of the most competitive archeological firms which offer expert consultation service, field surveillance, and extraction of artifacts from the archeological sites.

It started just a dream between Graham and Armstrong. Through religious hard work and extended time spent on studying the ins and outs of the industry, they manage to make this dream a reality. What started to be just an interest was catapulted into a successful archeological firm which a lot of people have depended on since its foundation. We have grown from our original number of just 15, and still expanding. Right now, we are composed of people coming from diverse background that make the work more interesting and fun. Every day is a learning experience guided by professionals and skilled individuals.

MGLAR Company is made up of only the best people in the field of archeological discovery. From the field agents, geo engineers, laboratory technicians, and even office staff, everyone is well-trained to meet the expectations of the job. We uphold honesty, integrity, and perseverance when it comes to dealing with any part of the job. Aside from this, we provide the most comprehensive report that would give you the information you need. We provide you all the missing links based on the available evidence and create a historical timeline from there.

We never leave any stones unturned as we unveil the truth and let you relive the past. We have become one of the best sources of archeological findings in the World Wide Web and we continue to be as we further master our craft.

Follow our journey here at MGLAR Company’s official site.

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